GIFT Design Academy | Is Interior Designing a Good Career Choice?

Yes, Every profession and field is a good career option in their own way. If done with interest and consistency. Interior designing is also as good career option as in field like engineering or something else. ... Doing a Interior Design Courses from a Best Interior Designing Colleges is also effect your designing career.

GIFT Design Academy for Interior designing is a good career choice. But is it right for you?
As an interior designer, you are supposed to convert an empty apartment, home, office or a shop into a fully functional space that looks amazingly great. Obviously, you are supposed to be very creative with what you do. From space planning to color combination, functionality to designs and look, everything got to be perfect. The designs you create should be a wow.

So if you think you are creative, innovative and like tweaking things to make it functionally efficient and look good, you can consider interior designing as a career choice.

As for career prospect, if you get it right, you have ocean of opportunity. After completion of your course, you may like to join an interior design studio as an intern or junior designer and then move up the ladder.

As you gain experience and understand more about the trade and business like managing your team, managing clients, financials etc, you can even start your own interior design consultancy firm.

Indian is growing, hundreds of residential and commercial projects are being launched every year and most of them need interior designing services to optimize their space and make it look good and efficient. Demands are there to stay and hence I think it can be a good career choice.

For salary and how much of money you can make, there is lots of potential. Once you are experienced and move up the ladder, you can expect to make INR 10-12 Lakhs or even more per year in salary.

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